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الخدمات الفرعية

  • Firm’s establishment, Initiating accounting and document cycles
  • Audit of firm accounts, systems and applying of authority matrix, and issuing of high slandered financial statements,
  • Tax and tax disputes consultations,
  • Supporting and developing the internal audit department
  • Firm’s restructuring, expansion, transformation, downsizing and firm liquidation,
  • Feasibility studies and capital investment decision support
  • Cost reduction and cost accounting and pricing systems initiation and supports
  • Financial reports
  • ERP selection, implementation support


One of the most important factors of success as a company, but it is one of the pivotal points in the stages of life, especially the stage of beginning and growth is the proper and healthy financial structure.

ASGS offers you a wealth of experience with banks and financial institutions in Egypt and the Middle East, helping you grow, prosper and avoid financial difficulties or distress.