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الخدمات الفرعية

  • Firm’s establishment, Initiating accounting and document cycles
  • Audit of firm accounts, systems and applying of authority matrix, and issuing of high slandered financial statements,
  • Tax and tax disputes consultations,
  • Supporting and developing the internal audit department
  • Firm’s restructuring, expansion, transformation, downsizing and firm liquidation,
  • Feasibility studies and capital investment decision support
  • Cost reduction and cost accounting and pricing systems initiation and supports
  • Financial reports
  • ERP selection, implementation support

Expanding and downsizing

In different economic circumstances, companies may expand and in some cases shrink by abandoning a department, managing or selling a line of production, reducing employment or reducing salaries. This should be done in the light of serious and realistic studies so that the performance of the company is not affected or lost credibility with customers or in front of Suppliers.