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Those who follow contemporary developments in local and international variables in the vicinity of the business, which affected  positively and negatively by all the surrounding political, economic and social variables, and the world financial crises and at the regional level of wars and revolutions, knows what leaves no room for doubt that there are many constants no longer the case, but has become variable and measurable in the same ways that accrue managers and managers with businesses in their organizations, for example, the expectation and predictions, the leaders depends on the time seriouse data and information for the preparation of the annual financial budget and estimate the expected future sales volume during the year through time series analysis Intention and sensitivity analysis, regression and correlation, but recent changes (Chaos) now prevented that an analyst can expect sales volume or size of the costs for a year or even six months as a result of the chaotic environment in which we live now represented in the wars, revolutions and unrest.

Strategic Gurus now preach that expectation for a period of more than three months is just imagination, which calls for him to reconsider many of the crucial strategic decisions , such as the futility of investing in the enterprise resource planning software instead to lease policy, change the investment look at long fixed assets Long term contracts and so on, so that the facility is more flexible and flexible in the pace of contraction and transformation or rapid expansion and integration and mobility between them with ease and ease and flexibility dictated by changes in the surrounding economic environment.

From here extends our office and our branches together help and advice and represents an effective service management tool to become more agile, flexible and capable of rapid transformation in the chaos in which we live time, by assigning a lot of business to our office to do and advise your appropriate enterprise resource planning programs that are available and guidance Where financial fitness, as well as the provision of rapid studies and built on the basis of scientific and practical sound and stems from reality.

Once again in the chaos in which we live the time of the large number of tax and accounting new legislation is one of the most important features of contemporary reality, which entails the need to rely on the accounting offices of conscious experts familiar and contemporary of all these developments in order to be a way of financial reports show properly rational and dealing with the IRS for the benefit of customers and this What is characterized by the office of Dr. / Assem Sorour and his Partners.

In the end, we are honored to provide the best service to our customers in strict confidentiality and to keep the information in perfect privecy and the best prices.